Born on August 17, 1950
Chicago, IL
Inducted On
May 21, 2010
Location Inducted
South Bend, IN
Region Number
Chicago Fenger
Northwestern College, Orange City, IA, Western Michigan University
B.A., M.S.
1973, 1982
Served as President of Indiana Football Coaches Association 2001; Membership Secretary of IFCA since 2002; served as Director of Region 2 many times; President of St. Joe Valley Chapter of Indiana Football Hall of Fame; worked in the University of Michigan Football Skills Camp 1990-2000; serves on the Indianapolis Colts Academic All-State Committee and the State Finals Awards Committee; administrator of South Bend Community Schools Football Clinics; has worked with College Football Hall of Fame Youth Clinics; served as NFF Coaching Clinic Director 3 years; IFCA Hall of Fame Secretary. Served 41 years in public education. Scott is the Hall of Fame Coordinator of the IFCA.
Wife, Judy; children, Greg (wife Laura), Michelle, and Tamara (husband Adam); grandchildren, Ella Ruth, Donovan, Jillian, Camryn, Isaac, Oliver and Harper
Coaching Experience: Junior varsity-assistant coach at Three Rivers, MI 1973-1981; head football coach at Three Rivers 1982-1985, with a 19-17 record; volunteer spring coach at Western Michigan 1982-1985; head football coach at South Bend Washington 1986-1999, with a 61-80 record; assistant coach at Jimtown HS 2001-2008, with an 86-16 record.

Coaching Honors: "Contribution to Amateur Football Award" from Moose Krause Chapter; "Gerald R. Ford High School Coach Award" from the All-American Football Foundation; 1990 North All-Star assistant coach; 1990 WHME Coach of the Year; Region 2 Class 4A Coach of the Year on several occasions.