Born on October 6, 1942
Inducted On
June 28, 2002
Location Inducted
South Bend, IN
Region Number
South Bend
Merit - Official
South Bend Washington
Student manager of both football and track working with coaches Tom Roggerman and Stanley "Jerry" Klaybor.
Purdue University
Graduated with a degree in Pharmacy and became registered pharmacist in 1966.
Began serving as the State Rules Interpreter and has had the privilege of attending the National Federation Rules Meeting in Indianapolis; worked Indiana Collegiate Conferences and was a member of the chain crew at Notre Dame home football games; now serves as the clock operator for ND home football games; has conducted local annual Coaches Rules Clinics and has taught and mentored many young officials; retired Vice-President and General Site Manager for Bayer Corporation in Elkhart.
Wife, Kathy; children, Sharon, Deanna, and Rob.
Merit Contributor - Official: Began his football officiating career working junior high games in Elkhart area; in 1968, joined the St. Joe Valley Officials Association and began working under the tutelage of veteran officials in the association; learned the fine points of officiating and developed a passion of the game; during his career, worked 36 sectionals, 30 regionals, 13 semi-states, and 7 state championship games; held various positions in the Officials Association; has been active in attending local rules meetings and presenting rules interpretation to the group.