Born on January 12, 1896
Prairie Hill, TX
March 31, 1952.
Inducted On
July 27, 1977
Location Inducted
Bloomington, IN (Posthumously)
Region Number
Indiana Univ
North HS, Fort Worth, TX
Centre College, KY
All-American Quarterback 1920-1921 with legendary Prayin' Colonels of little Centre College, which captivated the nation in post World War 1 years by upsetting Harvard 6-0 on a McMillin return, breaking a 5 year undefeated string for Harvard, one of the great "Cinderella Stories" in American football.
Coaching Experience: Head coach at Centenary 1922-1924, with a 25-3 record; Geneva 1925-1927, with a 27-5-1 record; Kansas State 1928-1933, with a 27-21-1 record; Indiana University 1934-1947, with a 63-48-11 record; overall record of 142-77-13.

Coaching Honors: Coach of the Year by American Football Association; Football Man of the Year 1945 by Football Writers of America; Helms Foundation Hall of Fame, both as a player and coach; National Football Hall of Fame; coached College All-Stars to victories in 1938 and 1946; was also a College All-Star assistant coach twice.

Professional Athletic Background: After college coaching career, became head coach and general manager of professional Detroit Lions, winning a World Title; in last year of coaching, was head coach/general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Outstanding Players Coached: Vern Huffman, Corby Davis, Pete Pihos, Bob Hoern Schemeer, Bill Hillenbrand, John Taverner, Bob Revenbery, Bob Haak, George Taliaferro, Howard Brown, John Cannady, Ted Kluszewski, Russel Deal, Ben Raimondi, Cal Hubbard, Bobby Lane, and many others.