Born on January 4, 1931
Gary, IN
December 22, 2015.
Inducted On
June 27, 2009
Location Inducted
Merrillville, IN
Region Number
Gary Roosevelt
Gary Roosevelt
University of Illinois 1950-1953; Tennesse State 1957-1959
Served in US Navy 1953-1957 at the Great Lakes Naval Academy where he also played football.

Played in 1952 Rose Bowl while at U of I.
Wife, Barbara; children, Gina and Michael (Kelly); grandchildren, Anthony and Jordyn
Coaching Experience: Roosevelt football 1971-1992 with a record of 99-73; also coached Roosevelt baseball 1963-1970.

Coaching Honors: 3-time Northwest Conference Champs; 2-time Northwest Conference County Champs; 20 scholarship athletes in Division I and 12 in Division II; Post-Tribune Coach of the Year; first Gary team to qualify for sectional play under the old IHSAA system.

Outstanding Players Coached: Darrick Burnett, Darryl Benham, and Ronald Collins of Indiana University; John Story, Indiana State University; Elbert Turner, University of Illinois; Tony Smith, Notre Dame; Michael Bullock, Ball State University; Thomas Crump, Illinois State University; Eric Mayberry, University of Pennsylvania; Eric Campbell, player and coach at University of Michigan; Lawrence Johnson, Cleveland Browns.