Nomination Guidelines

Indiana Football Hall of Fame

Nomination Guidelines

The Indiana Football Coaches Association (IFCA) will be the induction agency for the Indiana Football Hall of Fame (HOF). All candidates for induction shall be subject to the following processes, procedures, and qualifications.

Limitations / Qualifications

All candidates must have contributed in a significant manner to the game of football in Indiana.

Candidates may qualify by virtue of their contributions at Youth, Junior High/Middle School, High School, College or Professional level.

Deceased candidates are eligible.

No person convicted of a felony shall be considered for induction.

Categories of Inductees

Coaches (Head/Assistant/Middle/Junior High/Youth)

Retired coaches must have served a minimum of 20 years, with a minimum of 10 years in Indiana.
Active coaches must have served a minimum of 30 years, with a minimum of 15 years in Indiana.


Players must have completed their playing careers.
Players must wait to be nominated after their retirement as an active player under the following schedule:
Pro – 5 years* If a player plays more than 5 years in professional football, he becomes eligible upon his retirement.               | ​College – 15 years​​ | High School – 25 years


Athletic Directors/Administrators
Team Physicians
Others (Announcers, Chain Gang, Timers, Bus Drivers, etc.)


Individuals who were instrumental in the development of football in the state of Indiana (these nominees do not count toward the 6 nominees per region).


Individuals who have significantly contributed to Indiana Football. These individuals may or may not have roots in Indiana.
Indiana Football Hall of Fame

Nomination | Selection Guidelines


The application form, along with a resume, must be submitted by a representative of the nominating region of the IFCA (Region Chairman). Please include in the resume any information regarding recognitions, honors, or prominent and lasting contributions in the advancement of football in Indiana. Please include any additional information to be considered by the Hall of Fame Committee and the Past Presidents of the IFCA.

Nominations can be submitted any time. Inductions will be held at the discretion of the Regional Committee and the inductees.

The sponsor (person making the nomination) shall insure the financial support of the induction.

The application form must be filled out completely, and supplemental information, resume, pictures, etc. about the candidate must also be included.

Applications and other pertinent nomination materials must be submitted by January 1st.

The IFCA Hall of Fame Committee will screen all candidates to verify their qualifications.

The Past Presidents of the IFCA, at a determined time, will then approve by a 70 per cent affirmative vote, or reject the candidates forwarded to them by the Hall of Fame committee.

The IFCA Executive Director will send a letter to each candidate notifying of approval.

Special Circumstances

Special circumstances may be considered by the Past Presidents Committee of the IFCA.

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